Shulamith School for Girls

A Dream Campaign

Recognizing that their upcoming dinner was going to be — and therefore needed to be — different, the Shulamith School for Girls engaged rh Strategic to help create a cohesive campaign strategy. It was a development professional’s dream scenario: a beloved founding principal of the school had retired, her reach and popularity extended well beyond the school community, AND she was not only willing, but eager to make calls to donors! Dream honoree, dream campaign.

But, how do you build a campaign that needs a more significant reach, and a greater degree of strategy when you’ve never created a campaign around this total “star alignment?” rh Strategic provided the necessary guidance to create a dynamic campaign with multiple ideas that the school implemented immediately to excellent effect, and will continue utilizing in their future campaigns. Aaah, teach a man to fish!

An exciting feature of this campaign was the creation of a special fund in honor of the honoree. At a single parlor meeting where the fund was announced, the donations exceeded the expectations of the school’s Executive Director significantly! rh Strategic worked closely with the Executive Director to create the fund concept and devised a strategy to market it to the initial fund “investors.” The announcement of the fund at the school’s dinner led to rousing applause as a fitting tribute to the esteemed honoree.

With rh Strategic’s guidance, the school’s dinner raised 30% more than their prior dinners. And without any continued marketing of the special fund, supporters are still sending in donations to the fund, exceeding all expectations!

Hatzolah of Los Angeles

rh Strategic worked with Hatzolah of Los Angeles, a volunteer emergency medical response organization, to prepare for its annual gala. The organization faced a significant infrastructure problem as an all-volunteer organization in addition to community perception challenges.

Working closely with the organization’s leadership, rh Strategic developed a plan to tackle the fundraising challenges. One thing this small organization had going for it was an immensely impressive mailing list with thousands of names, addresses and emails. Of course, how does a small crew of inexperienced volunteer fundraisers solicit gifts from 5,000+ donors?

Presenting a strategic approach, rh Strategic tackled the mammoth contact list by including prior donation history where applicable.

"We worked with Ryan on our recent Legacy Dinner Campaign. The campaign posed a tremendous challenge for us as the honoree had a very wide reach of parents, grandparents, alumni, as well as community members. His professional guidance during the campaign was invaluable and he became much more than a consultant and more of an integral member of our team. We have worked with other consultants who gave us instructions of what to implement and then moved on. Every suggestion Ryan made was followed up on and he always helped make sure we stayed focused and on target. The most impressive thing of all was that Ryan came to our event and immediately asked what he could do to help out! Shulamith will definitely be calling him for our next campaign!"
“Ryan is a spot-on Marketing and Relations expert. He knows how to portray any company or organization in the best light, and is a pleasure to work with as well.”
“Among the challenges was to educate and sell a new look — a very different one than what had been done in the past. He succeeded and a new design was implemented for this event — it was very well received by all.”
“Ryan is one of those can do people who actually goes out and does it. Working with Ryan you really start to appreciate his scrutiny to details and the greater picture. Working with Ryan on a project you really see his expertise and experience for Public Relations. It's a breath of fresh air to see someone who takes an enormous pride in his work."
“Ryan is a highly motivated and extremely professional individual. Ryan and I collaborated on a series of events. Ryan's careful planning and marketing of the events ensured their success. In addition, even while he focused on the details, he never lost sight of the big picture. It was a pleasure working with Ryan on these projects each and every time, and I will certainly work with him again.”
“Ryan's work in coordinating large-scale events and seamlessly transitioning from one event to another was very impressive. Having worked directly with Ryan to coordinate one of these events, I was able to appreciate Ryan's ability to interact with people throughout the country to facilitate the necessary working relationships. Without a doubt, Ryan's hard work, dedication and personality were vital and significant assets.”